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Discord role separator

How to correctly set up Discord server and channel permissions? This guide assumes at least basic knowledge of Discord and server configuration. You can watch a video guide here 2 or continue reading this written guide. Check this playlist 2. Channel types as shown in the Fig.

You can of course structure your server differently, but this should give you basic idea of what works well. In the linfol channel separator you can see a list of public info and news channels and brief description of each, similar list can also be found in the lchatl separator. I also added a list of roles here, to not clutter the info channel too much.

Less information and better structure often mean that the user will actually read it, although they very rarely do. Another read-only type of channels for public, where you or your staff will post the news about the server, community, activities and events, in case of gaming community maybe patchnotes and game updates, etc… In our case we have github updates with a bit of spam for instant updates about our project, and more importantly, botwinder-diary which contains important news and notices.

Often hidden, sometimes public channels to be used by bots. This will change sooner or later - see my article about upcoming Discord update: Audit logs. A simple spam-type of channel often called bot-playgroundmemes or offtopic. The everyone role is what everyone has.

This role should contain permissions that you want everyone to have, such as reading messages and message history, sending messages, connecting and speaking on voice chat. If you use some kind of member or verified role that you assign to people when they speak up, or agree to rules, or maybe you use automated verification system for this, then I recommend not giving embedding, voice activation, reactions, nicknames, and other similar permissions to the everyonebut instead save it for members only.

Roles that serve as tags only, should have no permissions at all. See example Overwatch tag role in Fig. Tags are often available to public via bot command, aka Public Rolesand as such you do not want people to be able to grab any permissions at all, not even the ones that are on the everyone role. Staff roles should be treated as more fancy tags that are not available to public, and should have no permissions, or only permissions needed for the staff.

See example moderator role in Fig. Standard random discussion channels should have no permission overrides at all. See Fig. Hidden channels, such a channel for moderators or staff, would have only a single permission denied from everyonewhich is to Read Messagesand then the Staff or any other role that you want to give access, should have the Read Messages permission explicitly allowed. Wallpapering is an act of making the whole channel permissions red, or green. It is extremely wrong!

Do Not Do That!! If you have staff role, set up permissions as explained above. Do not wallpaper it as shown in the Fig. Figure Staff channel permissions - incorrectly blocked everyone - red wallpaper. Figure Staff channel permissions - incorrectly allowed role - green wallpaper. The last bit I would like to mention is voice channel for music bots.Returns a list of all unique items in iterablesin the order they were first encountered.

A semaphore-bounded wrapper to asyncio. TypeError — When invalid parameters are passed. An iterator that returns tasks as they are ready, but limits the number of tasks running at a time. This will return a humanized list of the names of all enabled permissions in the provided discord. Permissions object. This uses an Oxford comma, because without one, items containing the word and would make the output difficult to interpret. ValueError — The function was called with neither a number of seconds nor a timedelta object.

This writes text into a bytes object that can be used for the file or files parameters of discord. All functions for handling what a particular emoji does should be coroutines i.

Additionally, they must take all of the parameters of this function, in addition to a string representing the emoji reacted with. This parameter should be the last one, and none of the parameters in the handling functions are optional. RuntimeError — If either of the notes above are violated.

This is a non-blocking operation - calling this will schedule the reactions being added, but the calling code will continue to execute asynchronously. There is no need to await this function. This is particularly useful if you wish to start waiting for a reaction whilst the reactions are still being added - in fact, this is exactly what menu uses to do that.

This spawns a asyncio. Task object and schedules it on loop. If loop omitted, the loop will be retrieved with asyncio. Bases: collections. Callabletyping. This class should be created through the provided classmethods. Instances of this class are callable message predicates, i. All predicates are combined with MessagePredicate. The object which the message content matched with.

discord role separator

Defaults to None. Match if the message is [p]cancel. The index of the response in the collection sequence is assigned to the result attribute. Assigns the matching discord.Config was introduced in V3 as a way to make data storage easier and safer for all developers regardless of skill level.

It will take some getting used to as the syntax is entirely different from what Red has used before, but we believe Config will be extremely beneficial to both cog developers and end users in the long run.

While config is great for storing data safely, there are some caveats to writing performant code which uses it. Make sure to read the section on best practices for more of these details. The identifier in Config. As seen in the example above, we can set up our defaults in dicts and then use those in the appropriate register function. Once we have our defaults registered and we have the object, we can now use those values in various ways:.

It is also possible to use async with syntax to get and set config values. When entering the statement, the config value is retreived, and on exit, it is saved. This puts a safeguard on any code within the async with block such that if it breaks from the block in any way whether it be from returnbreakcontinue or an exceptionthe value will still be saved.

Only mutable config values can be used in the async with statement namely lists or dictsand they must be modified in place for their changes to be saved. Here is an example of the async with syntax:. Please note that while you have nothing between config and the variable name for global data, you also have the following commands to get data specific to each category. If you need to wipe data from the config, you want to look at Group.

If using Config.

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There are other methods provided to reset data from a particular scope. For example, Config. For member data, you can clear on both a per-guild and guild-independent basis, see Config. Config makes it extremely easy to organize data that can easily fit into one of the standard categories global, guild, user etc.

There are now features within Config to enable developers to work with data how they wish. There has been much conversation on how to bring V2 data into V3 and, officially, we recommend that cog developers make use of the public interface in Config using the categories as described in these docs rather than simply copying and pasting your V2 data into V3.

Using Config as recommended will result in a much better experience for you in the long run and will simplify cog creation and maintenance. We realize that many of our cog creators have expressed disinterest in writing converters for V2 to V3 style data. As a result we have opened up config to take standard V2 data and allow cog developers to manipulate it in V3 in much the same way they would in V2.

The following examples will demonstrate how to accomplish this. By following this method to use V2 data in V3 you may be at risk of data corruption if your cog is used on a bot with multiple shards.

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Config prioritizes being a safe data store without developers needing to know how end users have configured their bot. This does come with some performance costs, so keep the following in mind when choosing to develop using config. Before we begin with the nitty gritty API Reference, you should know that there are tons of working code examples inside the bot itself! When getting, setting or clearing values in Config, all keys are casted to str for you.

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This includes keys within a dict when one is being set, as well as keys in nested dictionaries within that dict. For example:. Bases: object.

Most config data should be accessed through its respective group method e. There is no global method because global data is accessed by normal attribute access:. The name of the cog that has requested a Config object.Servers Reviews.

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discord role separator

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This is a growing server, as we are still new and are patching mistakes up and adding more items as we go. We are on the lookout for staff and tutors at the moment, hence the early release.

discord role separator

For those who are joining to wait for its completion, we will set up an announcement in the server to do so.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. This is the result:. Learn more. How do I add custom role seperators?

Ask Question. Asked 11 months ago. Active 20 days ago. Viewed 71 times. Mark Benningfield 2, 4 4 gold badges 23 23 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. Dexen Dexen 1. Active Oldest Votes. This is the result: First, create a role with color 2f Let's say, 6. They say 1 but that doesn't look good Then type your separator name.

Discord Guide: Server setup and Permissions

Then add 6 EN spaces again. Finish with another invisible separator. Put the role above the roles you want to give a category name.

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I've been improving and improving my bot. Now, I've figured out how to make the bot purge messages, but a purge message, shouldn't be allowed to any member, only to people with certain role.

discord role separator

The roles a User has is a list of role objects, you'll need to access the name property of the role. You can use list comprehension. But of course, this limits that command to only people with the specific role, BotModerators. It can't be used in another server unless they aswell have a role called BotModerator. I recommend you using the id instead.

If you don't know how, tag the role then put a backslash in front of the name then send. Should show you the role's id. Then you can use that instead. It looks like author. You may be able to check for the presence of your "BotModerator" role like so:. If each role is a dict, try the same as above, but with either role['name'] or role. Learn more. How to get user's roles, Discord, Python Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 9 months ago. Active 7 months ago. Viewed 15k times. I've done this code: if author.

By the way, the error shown in the output is 'list' object has no atribute 'has'. Person 1 1 gold badge 1 1 silver badge 13 13 bronze badges. Norberto A. Active Oldest Votes. Wright Wright 2, 5 5 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. It keeps saying that I don't have the role, when I do.

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Jul 4 '17 at Nevermind, I had forgot to save. Thanks for the help! Actually it only works if the role's name is set on the script to 'botmoderator', if I try something else, it says that I don't have the role, even when I do. Also be sure you have the name of the role right including emojis if any.

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